Join us for a behind the scenes look into the heart of Israel, connecting you to the pioneering spirit and strong sense of purpose that drive this society. Meet the experts, explore the sites, and experience the creative energy that make Israel one of the most dynamic countries in the world! Enjoy cutting-edge Israel experiences customized to meet your interests, no matter how specific they may be.




Advanced study programs and professional development  for doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and more


Academic level itineraries for students of Political Science, Business, Archeology, Medicine, Engineering and more

Business People & Investors

An insiders’ view of Israel’s business scene for entrepreneurs, investors, business people and potential strategic partners

Trade Fairs & Business Travellers

Unique encounters with Israel’s most iconic sites and figures for those in Israel on business, accommodated to busy conference schedules

VIP Groups

Exclusive trips with the highest level of programing, security and luxury for politicians, diplomats, radio hosts and more

Special Interest Groups

Unique programs developed together with partner organizations to meet individual visions, needs and interests

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