Come learn Torah with Yehuda Glick in Jerusalem!

Come learn Torah with Yehuda Glick in Jerusalem!

Next January we will be convening the first International Bible Conference in Jerusalem. Don’t miss this uplifting opportunity to study Torah at its very source – in Jerusalem – with Israel’s top Bible scholars, and visiting the sites in Israel that are mentioned in the bible.

The Shalom Jerusalem Foundation firmly believes that Zionism is not solely for the benefit of the People of Israel. We have been charged with the privilege and obligation to serve as a ‘light unto the nations’ and bring to the world the blessings that God gave to the Patriarchs – Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob – thereby implementing the next stage of the Zionist process.

Now that the people of Israel have fulfilled the first phase of the vision of the Prophets by returning home to Israel from the Diaspora, we are now taking Zionism to its next level in fulfillment of the vision of the Prophets: recognizing Jerusalem as the ultimate source of inspiration of the truest values and the central place from which we are to spread the light of the Torah (God’s instructions) to all Nations.

Join the people who say ‘Come, let us go up to the Mountain of the Lord’ in Jerusalem, ‘walk in His paths’ by touring the biblical sites situated in the heartland of Israel, and study in-depth the Torah that ‘will go forth from Zion, and the word of God from Jerusalem’.

Please share this opportunity with all of your friends and family by forwarding this letter to your mailing list.

Pastors and other community leaders – don’t miss this tremendous opportunity to lead a group of your congregants and followers to this unique experience in Jerusalem!

In order to make sure there will be room for your group, sign up today to join this spiritual journey, at

Looking forward to seeing you in Jerusalem,

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