God’s Hand on America and Israel: Nations Connected From the Roots to the Fruits

With Guest Host and Discovery Institute Senior Fellow Michael Medved

And the participation and ongoing input of Discovery Institute Senior Fellows
Stephen Meyer and George Gilder and archaeologist Titus Kennedy

September 8-17, 2019

Join Discovery Institute and talk show host Michael Medved for an in-depth and stimulating tour of Israel.  You will see not only the Holy Land and modern Israel but gain insight into the spirit of Israel and its leaders. Plus, you will explore the relationship between faith and science, the role of entrepreneurship in the development of new technologies, and the archaeological evidence for Biblical history.

Today’s crisis of leadership concerns us all.  Join us for as we explore models of leadership from the Bible and the modern State of Israel, meeting leaders and individuals whose values and clarity of action serve as a source of inspiration.

This tour will take us to sites of religious, historical and cultural significance as well as great vistas of natural beauty in off-the-beaten-path locales in Israel.   Meet heroes of modern Israel, commanders in the IDF, political leaders, visionaries and private citizens.

Stay in fine hotels, enjoy fine food with a famed Israeli breakfast every day and travel up close and personal alongside Michael Medved and his family as we explore Israel together!

Talk show host Michael Medved will offer his unique perspective and insight into Israel, its role as the Holy Land and the Jewish State. 


  • Tour biblical sites where heroes from Ancient Israel, Judea and the Galilee once lived
  • Learn about Judaism in Modern Israel, including a special Sabbath experience in Jerusalem
  • Hear lectures from contemporary political and military leaders who are changing the face of Israel and impacting the world
  • Meet Jewish, Christian and Muslim spiritual and community leaders
  • Learn about how Israelis are acting as a “light unto the nations” through rescue missions to natural disaster sites, including Haiti and Japan
  • Check out Israel’s solutions to global challenges, from the water crisis in California to accessible electricity and clean water in Africa
  • Meet creative tech pioneers in homeland, cyber, and water security
  • Connect with young Israeli volunteers active in Nepal and Burundi
  • Participate in hands-on giving at a social start-up project

The InnovatioNation Difference

  • High level itineraries
  • Luxury accommodations
  • Professional logistical services
  • Tour educator from the Start Up field
  • Highest safety and security standards

Michael Medved Israel Tour


  • Upcoming Dates: September 9 – 17, 2019
  • Price: $4900 per person (land package, double occupancy) / $1235 (single supplement). This price is not including Standard Tips & Gratuities –  $180 per person.
  • For more information: Please contact Esther Ochana medved@keshetisrael.co.il
  • We have extended the registration date to March 4, 2019


NOTE: Discovery Institute’s role in this tour is only to provide certain speakers and educational presentations. It does not assume any liability whatsoever for any injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity to person and property because of an act of default of any hotel, airline carrier, restaurant, company, or person rendering or making arrangements for any of the services included in the tour, or because of any act of war or natural disaster.

Modern Israeli heroes


9 days


Bible, Israeli society, Michael Medved




September 9 - 17, 2019


Open for registration
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