Innovation, Imagination and Ingenuity

Journey beyond the headlines on a trip that that will explore Israeli innovation, imagination and ingenuity in all sectors of Israeli society. Meet the people who move Israel – the social, economic, technological, medical and cultural entrepreneurs who are working to create a better world for all. Visit the country’s world renowned institutions and tourist destination with a professional tour educator from the start-up world who will focus on Israel’s long standing tradition of innovation, from ancient times through today. 


  • Visit Mobileye, global pioneer in road safety innovation
  • Tour the Emek Hospital to see medical clowns in action
  • Visit the Technion, Israel’s premier institute of technology
  • Explore Israel’s fashion industry with Galit Reismann, founder of TLVStyle.
  • Dinner at Liliot restaurant which provides youth at risk with culinary training
  • Film Workshop with Renen Schorr, a leading architect of modern Israeli cinema
  • Explore where eco-conservation meets coexistence dialogue with ornithologist Yossi Leshem
  • Find out what makes Israel the Start Up Nation with Wendy Singer
  • Discover the innovation of the Old City with the Jerusalem Venture Partners Media Quarter
  • Visit a kibbutz to explore the roots of Israel’s pioneering spirit

The InnovatioNation Difference

  • High level itineraries
  • Luxury accommodations
  • Professional logistical services
  • Tour educator from your field
  • Highest safety and security standards


8 days


Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Start-Up Nation, Technology, Culture, Environment, Health, People, Social Action




March 2015
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